Diagnostic Quiz

This quiz was developed by Dr. David Schecter, a doctor who studied under Dr. Sarno. In the words of Dr. Schecter: "Of course a questionnaire can not replace a detailed medical history, examination, and review of x-rays and MRI scans [in reference to back pain.]." It is intended as a tool to help you know if you may have TMS. For more information about Dr. Schecter, visit his website at http://www.mindbodymedicine.com/.

Scoring: 2 points for a Definitely, 1 point for a Yes, and 0 points for a No.


Q. 1) Do you find that your pain level is related to the amount of tension/stress you are experiencing or to how you are coping with your feelings?

Definitely_________ Yes, have noticed this, at times_______ Not really__________


Q.2) Would you describe yourself as in general, "very hard on yourself", "highly responsible for others", or "very thorough, orderly, or perfectionistic"?

Definitely_________ Yes, have noticed that I have some of these characteristics_____

Not really_________


Q. 3)Have you suffered from other tension-related illnesses such as:

--hives, eczema, rashes brought on by tension

--spastic colon, irritable bowel, gastritis, reflux/heartburn

--tension or migraine headaches

--unexplained prostate trouble or pelvic pain

Definitely, two or more categories______ Yes, at least one______ No_________


Q. 4) Have you been told regarding the cause of your pain that "there's nothing that can be done surgically", "there's nothing wrong", "it's a soft tissue problem", or "the cause is degenerative changes"?

Yes____ No_____


Q. 5) Do you spend a great deal of time during the day thinking and worrying about your pain, looking for an answer, obsessing about its cause?

Yes____ No_____


Q. 6) Have you tried several different treatments or approaches for your pain and received only temporary relief from each or no relief from any of them?

Yes____ No_____


Q. 7) Do you find that massage helps your pain significantly OR that you are quite sensitive to massage in several parts of our back or neck?

Yes____ No_____


Total it up:

7-10 points--probable TMS

4-6 points--possible TMS

0-3 points--unlikely to be TMS